About Us

HealthCompass is a leader in delivering a digital healthcare solution using the latest medical research and technology

Our solutions are tailored to our client’s business needs and deliver health benefits to the community. We leverage the latest in medical technology to deliver innovative solutions to the market.

Michael Wong | CEO

Founder of DayBlink and chief executive officer of HealthCompass, Michael brings 25 years of experience advising enterprise executives and managing supply chains within the hospitality, healthcare, and venture capital sectors. A published author, he’s seen as an expert operator in driving organizational change, while realizing revenue and profitability goals.

As DayBlink Consulting’s CEO, he led the organization through rapid growth, earning some of the industry’s top recognitions:

  •  Inc.’s “Inc 500” #159
  •  Vault’s “Vault Consulting 50”
  •  Entrepreneur’s #44 “Best Company Cultures in America”

Our History

HealthCompass was founded with the core mission of offering advisory and data-driven technology solutions, enabling our clients to effectively realize their healthcare goals. Through our unwavering commitment, we endeavor to design solutions that cater to our customers’ specific needs, driving sustainable health enhancements and diminishing organizational care expenses.

Our Culture

We are passionate about bringing great minds together to drive meaningful change through our community. Healthcare is about understanding our customers’ needs and partnering to enable a solution for their specific healthcare needs; we built our team with this in mind.

Our Team

Sean Fitzgerald

VP of Operations

Wicar Akhtar

VP of Technology

Lisa Siefert

Head of HR

Tina Rahimian

VP of Marketing

Brendan Daly


Steven Schmitz


Vivian Langford

Senior Consultant

Andrea Ortuno


Nilou Arian


Anthony DePietto


Jay Green


Commitment to Community

We are proud to be certified across multiple organizations that drive positive developments in the business world, and are committed to improving the communities that we serve:

Affiliations and Partnerships

Our affiliations and partnerships have enabled us to combine expertise, resources, and creative thinking, resulting in groundbreaking healthcare technology solutions that address complex challenges and improve lives worldwide

We think big to help you accomplish your healthcare goals