EVYDence Platform

Our proprietary data operating platform and warehouse solution leverages data and insights from over 1.7 billion healthcare records, 400 million patients, and 500 hospitals, giving users enhanced clarity and usability of their health data in real time


Granular Configurations

Open Platform

Structured Search


Unify Datasets into a Single Repository

Automate Quality and Rule Management

Interactive Dashboards

Application Hub


Data Governance

Ensure Effective Data Governance


We help policymakers, health authorities, healthcare providers, and researchers aggregate and convert varied raw data from multiple sources into high-quality, structured, and standardized data so that they can be further analyzed and leveraged to drive different applications

We do this by applying thousands of data processing and quality control rules that we continue to accumulate, in combination with natural language processing and other machine learning techniques

Our flagship EVYDENCE operating platform supports our customers in enhancing the governance and usability of their data by processing raw data, enabling real-time data connection and operation monitoring, flexible data access configuration, precise structured search, secure sandboxing, and third-party connectivity

Commitment to Security

With billions of healthcare records to hand, HealthCompass ensures data privacy through encryption and privacy certifications

We think big to help you accomplish your healthcare goals